The Process

We highly recommend that all prospective tenants who will be living in the house should view the property before making an application. If possible we would recommend Guarantors to attend also. This will ensure everyone is happy with the accommodation and the facilities.

The Application

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Once you have settled on a property you will need to pay non-refundable fees of 90.00 per person and 90.00 per additional guarantor and all need to complete a Tenancy Application Form. A credit check will be made against all applicants including guarantors and Vesta Properties may ask permission to contact the university to ensure that you are not behind with your tuition fees. If you were previously staying in Halls of Residence we may need to speak to them as well. A holding fee of the first month's rent may also be required. A retainer fee will be due if you wish to hold the property until the start of the academic year, this is in lieu of rent being paid during the summer months but guarantees that the landlord will keep the property for you until the start of the academic year. Along with your Tenancy Application Form you will be required to provide proof of identification, one will be photographic i.e. passport or driving' license and the other will be proof of address i.e. utility bill or bank statement.

What Happens Next

Once all references have been completed and satisfied, a Tenancy Agreement is drawn up in advance and at this point the deposit and rent/ retainer will be paid if you are Students. Your tenancy agreement will reflect the rent/retainer paid along with the deposit. All further rental payments will be set out on the tenancy agreement and rent is due in advance and normally every three months. All of the applicants along with guarantors will need to sign the Tenancy Agreement, which will be dated and at this point becomes binding for both parties.


The Tenancy Agreement will show the amount of deposit to be paid, the amount stated will be for the property and usually each tenant/student will pay a share towards the total amount of deposit required. At the end of the tenancy the deposit will be refunded as a lump sum payment and not as individual shares. All tenants/students will be responsible for any damage caused and this will be deducted from the whole deposit and not from fellow tenants/students shares.

Making Rent Payments

We highly recommend you create an account which all fellow tenants/students can make rent payments into and then pay the rent as one payment to ourselves each month/quarter. You may wish to open this account prior to the tenancy and then bring along on the day the details so the standing order can be completed for further rental payments.

Move In Day

On the day of the tenancy all tenants will be required to make an appointment to come into the office. On the day Vesta Properties will supply you with the following:-

  • A copy of the gas safety certificate
  • Standing order mandate which you must complete during this appointment
  • Details of the landlord (if LET ONLY) or our details in case of an emergency and to report maintenance issues
  • Date of your first periodic inspection
  • Sets of keys: All keys will be photocopied and all tenants will be required to sign for them
  • Copy of the inventory.

And Finally

Vesta Properties ask that you respect the property including the furnishings, you must not allow neglect to any items in the property and you ensure any visitors to the property do the same. The property is shown as it is. No furniture will be added or removed (unless the landlord has permitted for this to happen prior to the commencement of the tenancy). At the end of the tenancy the property MUST be given back how it was given to you on the day of the tenancy. All furniture must be placed back to the original locations if they have been moved about, if this does not happen Vesta Properties will arrange for this to be done however a charge will be incurred by the tenants/students. Vesta Properties will inform all the utility companies when you move into the property however you may need to provide proof of your student status to Coventry City Council. Vesta Properties highly recommend that you take out contents insurance on the property. The landlord will insure his property to cover the building, by taking out this policy it will protect you if any damage is caused to either your own personal belongings or the landlords' fixtures and fittings. Vesta Properties would like to inform you that it is not the landlord responsibility to supply a telephone line to the property, should you wish to install a telephone line it will be your responsibility. Please be aware it is also your responsibility to ensure that you have a TV license at the property, even if you watch TV on your laptop you are still required to hold one.

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